TeBOW Week 13 NFL picks: Broncos/Panthers pls

Another week, another set of the bad guys winning. The Chiefs, Raiders and, of course, the Patriots all won games taking them towards the playoffs, leaving the Broncos, Panthers and (i guess) the Jets to try and do the numbers to work out whether they can still make the playoffs.  The answer is ‘Yes, yes, no’, or more accurately, ‘maybe, almost certainly not, definitely not’.

Anyway, to the stuff:

Week 13 Power Rankings

nameTeBOWchange this weekchance of making playoffsprobability of beating KC
Kansas City Chiefs28.11+0.5991.8%50.0%
New England Patriots28.05+0.3198.4%49.5%
Dallas Cowboys27.81+0.5699.8%47.8%
Oakland Raiders27.71+0.5196.2%47.1%
Seattle Seahawks27.69-0.9799.0%47.0%
Detroit Lions26.9+0.5687.8%41.4%
Denver Broncos26.69-0.5732.4%40.0%
New York Giants26.23+0.1784.0%36.9%
Miami Dolphins26.23+0.2855.2%36.8%
Atlanta Falcons25.85+0.6587.0%34.3%
Buffalo Bills25.81+0.2721.6%34.1%
Pittsburgh Steelers25.81+0.6264.8%34.1%
Carolina Panthers25.64-0.513.0%32.9%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers25.55+0.9631.4%32.4%
Minnesota Vikings25.44-0.5638.4%31.7%
Arizona Cardinals25.27-0.651.8%30.6%
Houston Texans25.19-0.8482.4%30.2%
New Orleans Saints24.95+0.588.8%28.6%
Indianapolis Colts24.75-0.6212.0%27.5%
Baltimore Ravens24.48+0.6536.6%25.9%
Green Bay Packers24.46+0.76.8%25.7%
San Diego Chargers24.39+0.811.0%25.4%
Philadelphia Eagles24.26-0.692.8%24.6%
Cincinnati Bengals23.77-0.641.4%21.9%
Los Angeles Rams23.54-0.520.2%20.6%
New York Jets23.36-0.310.0%19.9%
Tennessee Titans23.08+0.586.2%18.5%
Chicago Bears21.57-0.570.0%12.2%
San Francisco 49ers21.16-0.290.0%10.9%
Jacksonville Jaguars20.75-0.290.0%9.63%
Cleveland Browns19.03-0.190.0%5.53%

The Chiefs are back at the top after beating the Broncos, with the Patriots nipping very close at their heels. The big movers are the Seahawks and Bucs after the 14-5 upset. The Raiders and Chiefs are now in great position to make the playoffs, and correspondingly the Broncos (:'() have dropped massively in their probability to make the postseason, due to the fact that if the Chiefs and the Raiders take two spots in the playoffs, due to them being within the same division the Broncos only have one playoff slot that they could get, and it requires getting one of the best records in the NFL. Seeing as they face both the Chiefs and Raiders on the way to the end of the season (who are both on fire), this will be a tough road. This means that its possible that both teams who were in the superbowl last year won’t even make the playoffs.

Week 13 Picks

matchuppredicted resultplayoff chances if away winsplayoff chances if home wins
dallas cowboys @ minnesota vikingsDAL: 66.3% , MIN: 33.7%DAL 100.0% / MIN 26.0%DAL 100.0% / MIN 64.0%
denver broncos @ jacksonville jaguarsDEN: 85.4% , JAC: 14.6%DEN 31.0% / JAC 0.0%DEN 13.0% / JAC 0.0%
miami dolphins @ baltimore ravensMIA: 62.2% , BAL: 37.8%MIA 70.0% / BAL 30.0%MIA 38.0% / BAL 51.0%
kansas city chiefs @ atlanta falconsKC: 65.7% , ATL: 34.3%KC 95.0% / ATL 76.0%KC 87.0% / ATL 92.0%
los angeles rams @ new england patriotsLA: 21.0% , NE: 79.0%LA 0.0% / NE 99.0%LA 0.0% / NE 99.0%
detroit lions @ new orleans saintsDET: 63.6% , NO: 36.4%DET 93.0% / NO 2.0%DET 82.0% / NO 29.0%
houston texans @ green bay packersHOU: 55.2% , GB: 44.8%HOU 83.0% / GB 1.0%HOU 72.0% / GB 11.0%
philadelphia eagles @ cincinnati bengalsPHI: 53.5% , CIN: 46.5%PHI 3.0% / CIN 0.0%PHI 2.0% / CIN 3.0%
san francisco 49ers @ chicago bearsSF: 47.1% , CHI: 52.9%SF 0.0% / CHI 0.0%SF 0.0% / CHI 0.0%
buffalo bills @ oakland raidersBUF: 36.8% , OAK: 63.2%BUF 35.0% / OAK 92.0%BUF 6.0% / OAK 100.0%
tampa bay buccaneers @ san diego chargersTB: 58.2% , SD: 41.8%TB 36.0% / SD 0.0%TB 24.0% / SD 0.0%
washington @ arizona cardinalsWAS: 56.3% , ARI: 43.7%WAS 70.0% / ARI 0.0%WAS 36.0% / ARI 3.0%
new york giants @ pittsburgh steelersNYG: 53.0% , PIT: 47.0%NYG 90.0% / PIT 55.0%NYG 68.0% / PIT 72.0%
carolina panthers @ seattle seahawksCAR: 35.7% , SEA: 64.3%CAR 6.0% / SEA 95.0%CAR 0.0% / SEA 100.0%
indianapolis colts @ new york jetsIND: 59.8% , NYJ: 40.2%IND 18.0% / NYJ 0.0%IND 8.0% / NYJ 0.0%

Spicyboys of the week: Ravens vs Dolphins (I think it will be closer than TeBOW suggests, but the playoff implications are big), Saints vs Lions (Will be a great game, and big playoff implications), Houston vs Green Bay (playoff implications), Giants vs Steelers (playoff implications, fun teams), Seahawks vs Carolina ( great teams, last gasp for the Panthers)

Duds of the week: Broncos vs Jags (Broncos walkover (please please please)), Rams vs Patriots (Pats are in the postseason ≈100%), 49ers vs Chargers (Not sure even the teams will turn up for this one)